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Optimum Membership Prices

Direct Debit Memberships

Discounted = £29.95 per month (12 months)

Standard = £39.90 per month (rolling monthly)

Upfront Memberships

Pay As You Train = £7.50 per session

1 Month= £45

3 Months = £120

6 Months = £210

12 Months = £350

All memberships include unlimited Gym usage and unlimited access to all of our Boot Camps!

£25 (1 hour session)

Special package for new members only. See one of our expert trainers for a health check, body composition analysis & tailor made gym programme.

NOTE: The Joining Pack is optional for Adults, but highly recommended to all new joiners. U18’s will receive a FREE Health & Safety Induction, but will gain much more value from upgrading to the Full Joining Pack.