Personal Training Prices

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Personal Training & Body Transformation Specialists!

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Optimum Personal Training

1 session £45

10 sessions £350 / £35 per session

8 Week Group Body Transformation

We run the Optimum Body Transformation course 3 times per year. January, May and September. Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for exact dates.

Private Body Transformation

The ultimate Body Transformation Course with the focus purely on you. Packages are designed to fit your exact requirements. Please contact us to arrange your free consultation.

What is an Optimum Personal Trainer?

An Optimum Personal Trainer will have at least one Advanced Qualification on top of the usual Personal Training Qualifications. They will also have trained under the Head Trainer for up to 2 years before they are passed out. This is an awfully long time considering some Personal Trainers get their qualifications within 6 weeks and start training people without any on-the-job learning from an experienced mentor. These high standards, along with our excellent results and reputation, are what set us apart from the rest.

If the Optimum Personal Trainers are so highly trained, why is the price so low?

We believe a lower price gives our clients an opportunity to increase their weekly sessions, which ultimately will get them (and us) better results. This leads to excellent client satisfaction, increased retention after goals are met and more referrals as they tell all their friends and family about us. That is how we have built our client base since 2008 and that is how we continue to grow year on year.


Book your FREE Consultation so we can outline your goals, discuss your training history and then work through your new training action plan!

All of the Personal Trainers at Optimum have been highly trained and we will offer our recommendation based on this initial assessment.

(All Personal Training Sessions last 1 Hour)